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Hosanna Freedom Foundation

Atlanta Georgia's problem with human trafficking contributes to it's listing as one of the top cities in the nation for child exploitation. Human trafficking statistics are overwhelming: One in three girls that run away from home will be picked-up by a pimp within 48 hours. 13-14 years old is the average age for girls entering prostitution. Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is estimated that 100,000-300,000 women and girls are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking within the United States every year. This does not include 17,000-20,000 that are brought in from other countries.
Hosanna Freedom Foundation's research began in October of 2006. Our research revealed at that time that there were very few Christian organizations that offered help to victims of human trafficking, especially domestic minors. A small group of leaders came together and determined to seek out Christian organizations that could offer help.The greatest needs in Atlanta concerning the issues of human trafficking were discussed. The most pressing need was more shelters but there was no financing to accomplish it. At that point it was decided to establish a foundation, not just another non-profit, but something that will continue to help victims in the future. The name "Hosanna" became obvious due to the meaning "to help or save NOW" and the history of the Jewish temporary shelters known as "Sukkot" http://www.jewfaq.org/holiday5.htm .
Hosanna Freedom Foundation was officially established in April of 2009 and is a public charity registered as a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization with the state of Georgia and United States Internal Revenue Service.
Although we operate as a foundation our goal is not about fundraising. We do not operate from an endowment but our board of directors continues to ask the question "Who can we help ?". We believe God will show us those that need help and enable us to provide that help. We strive to work with other organizations to accomplish this goal. Please feel free to register with our site and access our resource database of various organizations involved in human trafficking related issues. We encourage visitors to research our "supported ministries" as we work together against what has become known as "Modern Day Slavery".
YOU can become directly involved in the fight against human trafficking ! This organization http://www.parentsarise.org/ provides curriculum training in human trafficking awareness.
We also have an "abolitionist packet" available from this organization http://love146.org/
YOU could be the key to prevent another child from being trafficked !
Also search our database to find other organizations and opportunities how you can become involved.
Hosanna Freedom Foundation Board
President: Emanuel Wingo
Vice-President: Kasey McClure
Treasurer: Don Wisdom
Secretary: Johnnie Freyermuth
"Dear Hosanna Freedom Foundation. We would like to say thank you so much for your support to our organization. Your passion for helping victims of trafficking is admirable. We do not take government funding and rely on individuals and foundations like yours to support the work we are doing. By supporting Hope House, you are playing a key role in the restoration of domestic minor sex trafficking victims. We are so grateful for your partnership and friendship. We pray God continues to provide funding for your foundation because you are helping so many! Thank you!"
Emily Fitchpatrick
Founder/President On Eagles Wings Ministries & The Hope House Project
PO Box 9737 Asheville, NC 28815 877-276-8023