God for Girls

God for Girls

Ordinarily, someone captured for the purpose of exploitation will suffer Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome; some will become Disassociate; and within weeks many will begin suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ psychologically resigning themselves to their captors as a means of survival. The latter can incapacitate a victim from any effort to cry out for help or escape, even if such an opportunity would arise. It’s critical that a victim receive aid and support that supersedes the strategic conditioning of their abuser – the deterioration of their self-worth and complete dependency on the abuser.

It’s been our experience that victims of all ages respond to the love and support administered by a caring staff. Victims become transformed with realization of self worth and the gratification of achievements through education and vocational training. Our vision is to restore their dignity and usher them from exploitation into empowerment!

The vision of God 4 Girls is to minister to victims of exploitation through: Scripture, the consolation and promising hope of the Bible and prayer; Sustenance, providing for medical and nutritional needs; Schooling, facilitating or supplementing education; and Skill, providing vocational training conducive with the indigenous market.


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