Pornography Harms

Pornography Harms

The idea of a "one-stop" site came to me while preparing a paper on the harm from pornography in 2008. Though I had spent a third of my life working to curb the spread of pornography, I had difficulty finding sound research linking pornography to harm. The challenge wasn't due to lack of research, rather, the material was difficult to locate and assemble in the short time I had to prepare my talk. That should not be. Pornography is a neglected pandemic and it will remain so until knowledge of its destructive forces is widely understood and disseminated. The Pornography Harms website is dedicated to this task of education.

Since the advent of the Internet, pornography has flooded homes, businesses, public libraries, and even schools. The results have been devastating to the social and family fabric of America. For nearly two decades, a large segment of America's children have had ready access to Internet pornography. In the latest trend called, "sexting", children are producing and distributing cell phone child pornography. This phenomenon may well be an outgrowth of the viewing of Internet pornography over long periods of time by children resulting in diminishment of their natural inhibitions against such activity. Pornography, in other words, is altering minds, destroying taboos, and reordering society.

Addiction to pornography is now common among men, women, and even many children, bringing life-long consequences. Pornography use is a significant factor in divorce; a contributing cause of the spread of prostitution and the sexual trafficking of adults and children. America is becoming a "pornified" culture, as author and Time magazine writer Pamela Paul has stated in her best-selling 2005 book, Pornified. An examination of the Pornography Harms website demonstrates that that is not a positive development.


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