The vision of Traffick911 is to end the plight of these children with a three-pronged, parallel strategy.

Our strategy focuses on children under the age of 18.

§ Prevention – Target high-risk youth living in the crime-infested, poverty stricken areas of the inner city. The Traffick911 team is building relationships with these teenagers through a neighborhood youth outreach that includes a Sunday night youth church group, attendance at their school and sporting events, activities outside their neighborhood and targeted community events designed just for them and their families. In addition, we are increasing awareness through targeted communications with local educators, health-care professionals, businesses, political leaders and the community in general.

§ Rescue – Meet them where they are, showing them Christ’s love wherever we find them. We will work with law enforcement; county and city leaders; school officials; other charitable organizations; former prostitutes, drug addicts and pimps; inner-city youth; and others to help us identify and free these tortured children who are being held captive through sadistic violence, threatened reprisal against family, compulsory drug use, coercion and other means of oppression.

§ Restoration – Provide specialized, holistic care to meet victims’ unique spiritual, physical, psychological, educational and social needs. These victims have special needs due to the acute levels of sexual, physical and psychological carnage they have endured. Services will be provided through a long-term, transitional shelter with programs designed to move them back into mainstream society. In addition, we will provide community though the local church.


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