Better Way Imports

Better Way Imports


Better Way Imports will promote the glory of God through operating a business which seeks to advance the people with whom we associate.


Better Way Imports seeks to improve the livelihood of many individuals through marketing in North American the unique gift and accessory items, and durable goods produced by companies with similar Vision in developing countries.


We will use practices which are based on Biblical principles.

We will be good stewards of our God given abilities and resources so we can give back to our team members in the global community.

We expect a reasonable return on invested energy and capital which corresponds to the risks we take.

We have intentionally chosen to work with producers in developing countries. We believe fair trade works, yet we recognize the need for long-term sustainability. Therefore our partners will be treated fairly, giving respect to their individual culture.

We recognize individuals are vital to our success and seek to ensure each one we work with is dealt with honorably.


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