Butner Study

Butner Study

The ‘Butner Study’ Redux: A Report of the Incidence
of Hands-on Child Victimization by Child Pornography

This study compared two groups of child
pornography offenders participating in a voluntary treatment
program: men whose known sexual offense history at
the time of judicial sentencing involved the possession,
receipt, or distribution of child abuse images, but did not
include any “hands-on” sexual abuse; and men convicted of
similar offenses who had documented histories of hands-on
sexual offending against at least one child victim. The goal
was to determine whether the former group of offenders
were “merely” collectors of child pornography at little risk
for engaging in hands-on sexual offenses, or if they were
contact sex offenders whose criminal sexual behavior
involving children, with the exception of Internet crimes,
went undetected. Our findings show that the Internet
offenders in our sample were significantly more likely than
not to have sexually abused a child via a hands-on act.
They also indicate that the offenders who abused children
were likely to have offended against multiple victims, and
that the incidence of “crossover” by gender and age is high.


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