Pupil International

Pupil International

People Uplifting People In Life, Inc. or P.U.P.I.L., a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 1999 dedicated to empowering and mentoring youth and young adults. Providing youth with education, job training, and career mentoring; through music, film, and theatrical production. P.U.P.I.L. also serves the community by providing spiritual empowerment, health education, leadership training, computer technology, and community economic development.

P.U.P.I.L. is the outgrowth of the need to develop a sense of personal and spiritual empowerment, self-appreciation and create a purpose in the lives of people, in order to motivate them to reach their fullest potential. P.U.P.I.L. places a strong emphasis on personal and spiritual empowerment, community jobs and training, arts and cultural enrichment activities, educational training in computer technology, and providing funding to grass root organizations with the same or similar


To provide a quality of life to youth and young adults through; Music, Film, Theatrical Production, Health Education, Computer Technology, Leadership Training, Spiritual Empowerment, and Community Economic Development. Instilling a sense of pride and worth in people, who are ready and willing to uplift their community one person at a time?


To affect the lives within our communities by promoting personal and spiritual empowerment, and self-appreciation. Allowing us the opportunity to develop people to respect their community and society as a whole.

To unify communities through the arts and cultural enrichment activities, leadership training, and financial empowerment.

To become an alternative funding source for grass root organizations with the same or similar objectives as P.U.P.I.L., throughout America and our Global Community.


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