PTSD Nightmares

PTSD Nightmares

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder nightmares do not just appear in anyone. The individual has most likely experienced a serious traumatic event and is now reliving that event through their nightmares and flashbacks. Below are some common themes from patients who have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and experience PTSD nightmares regularly.

Individuals with more present vulnerability from past traumas experienced are more like to encounter PTSD nightmares. Character pathology, current everyday stressors, and a poor support network and treatment options also have an effect on who develops PTSD nightmares.

Those individuals who suffered more overwhelming traumas with a higher threat of physical or emotional injury. Such individuals could include those who were very close or in ground zero when the September 11th attack occurred.

Individuals whose traumas occurred at vulnerable and growing stages in their lives. This would include very young soldiers who are sent to fight in a war.

Individuals who lack a network of trustworthy and helpful social and emotional support resources.

Individuals who are near-miss survivors of a traumatic event and now receive no validation and have to deal with the hidden wounds of their personal survivor guilt.


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