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Did you know that men, women and children are being bought and sold...right in front of us? We’re talking about the modern-day equivalent of slavery: Human Trafficking.

From Asia and Europe, from the Middle East and the Americas and Africa, almost a million people are caught in trafficking around the world, mostly women and children. An estimated 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked annually into the United States alone, not to mention an estimated 300,000 American children at-risk for domestic trafficking (trafficked within our own borders). These victims of modern-day slavery are being forced to live under oppression in the underground sex industry and labor market, and it is happening in the towns and cities where we live – it is happening where we minister.

OK, what do we do? The Vineyard Anti-Slavery Team (VAST) is gathering and connecting those who have a heart for this ministry of justice for the oppressed. Justice Response is a resource site and a connecting place for us to come together to learn more about human trafficking in order to: train the people in our churches to respond thoughtfully and strategically, pray against it and intercede for the victims and survivors, empower those within our communities who are at-risk of being trafficked, and effectively serve victims and survivors. We invite you to listen and look for what the Father might already be calling you to do in your community. If this issue touches your heart, please join us as we seek to follow the Father in the fight against human trafficking.


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