Soldiers and Kids

Soldiers and Kids

America is facing crisis of epidemic proportion. Our attention is so focused on other crimes in the community that we fail to notice the horror of child sexual molestation, rape, and murder going on right under our very noses.
Young children of all races in America are being kidnapped, raped, sexually molested, and murdered every year, yet, no one seems to want to step up and do anything about it.
The Soldiers and Kids Program is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to realistic child safety and finding America's missing children. This web-site is part of a nationwide child safety threat awareness and education campaign aimed at opening America's eyes to the danger our children face on a daily bases.
Itís time that we stop sugar-coating the facts about child-targeted crimes in this country. Too many of our children's lives are being destroyed by sex offenders, pimps and thugs who live in just about every neighborhood in America. Don't think for a moment that it can't happen to your child. Millions of parents make that assumption every year and today they live to regret it.
Your status in life, race or your religion does not matter any more; in todayís world your child has just as much of a chance of being the next victim as any other child in America. Kidnappers today are not interested in money for the return of your child. Most child kidnappers are motivated by sex and child pornography; others are mostly motivated by the thrill they get from overpowering, torturing and taking the life of a weaker human being.
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention reported that in 1999 alone there were an estimated 800,000 children reported missing in America. This number grows every year, with no signs of slowing down.
Letís face it America, aged programs such as Child Finger Printing, DNA Gathering, ID Cards and Satellite Tracking devices, and yes, even the Amber Alert do absolutely nothing to stop someone from taking or molesting a child. These over rated programs have created a false sense of security in parents. Advocates of these programs fail to inform parents that they are mostly used to identify a childís dead body, not to locate and recover a live child.
The Soldiers and Kids Program, the first Non-Profit Organization of its kind, is a proactive child safety program. This educational program was created by members of the United States military to help reduce a childís chances of ever being kidnapped, disappearing from home or being closed up in a secret world of sexual molestation and abuse. This program provides parents with a simple guide to identifying potential threats to their children. It also teaches parents how to respond to signs of sexual, mental and physical abuse of a child.
With this new ally, parents and law enforcement agencies across the nation stand a better chance of reducing and possibly eliminating a child's chance of ever experiencing this horror. Pedophiles (Juvenile and adult), sexual predators, Pimps, Internet stalkers, thugs and others who prey on the innocence of our children are on the prowl; donít let your child become part of this fast-growing horrifying statistic.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that there are more than 800,000 known sex offenders in the United States, and of that number, less than half are registered as required by federal law.

In an effort to keep America safe and informed, we have included the identity and address of every registered sex offender in the United States on this web-site; click here for our National Sex Offender Registry. Once you are there, find your state, click on it and enter the required information. We guarantee that you will find at least 10 if not more sex offenders in your zip code; some may even live on your street.


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