Runaways-Missing Children

Every day teens engage in behaviors placing themselves at risk. Adolescence is unquestionable a difficult period and teens can act out and make choices that are potentially dangerous. Parents attempting to cope with troubled teens can become highly stressed and overwhelmed. Teens experiencing these challenges often reject all authority and, in extreme cases, decide to run away. Families dealing with runaways seemingly have few if any options. The law enforcement community is ill equipped or unable to intervene unless a law has been broken. Teentrak provides a truly unique and valuable resource to these families. More importantly, Teentrak provides hope.

Teentrak has handled hundreds of successful teenage runaway investigations throughout the United States in the past 20 years. Being out on the street creates a real threat to the safety of these minors who have run away from home.

"Troubled Teens" Investigations

Raising teens in today’s environment is extremely tough. There are so many forces fighting against you to keep your teen on trak to a healthy future. Your only defense against the outside threat is “Information and Active Prevention”.

Let us gather the facts so that you as a parent can make more informed decisions on how to proceed with helping your teen.

Surveillance (video/photo)
GPS Tracking
Background Checks
Activity Checks
Cell Phone (text/tracking)
Drug/Alcohol /Polygraph Testing
Criminal (investigative) Defense
Computer Forensics (data retrieval)


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