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Latina Link was founded in 2005 as a place to allow Latin women to discover and cultivate all of which they were created to be.

Living in the U.S. has exposed us (the members of Latina Link) to certain realities for many women who have also immigrated to this country. Ranging from everyday depression and anxiety, to the more complicated situations of abortion and domestic violence, to even the most extreme cases of sex trafficking, addiction, and suicidal attempts -- these realities have marked our lives in a radical way.

At the same time, we have also discovered the valuable and irreplaceable qualities that lie within each of these women. Qualities such as great work ethics and skills, leadership potential, passion for family, sense of loyalty, noble character, an incredible capacity to love, and the desire for a better future.

Latina Link was born in the midst of these two contradictions as a way of providing a platform, a link, between a caring community and the women who operate in survival mode due to their present condition. A link between God’s love and those who hurt.

Our vision is derived from Proverbs 31, and it is expressed through a series of words to describe the characteristics that we believe God created women to have. Unfortunately, our current culture and circumstances have given them meanings which are entirely different from God’s original plan.

It is our desire to guide Latin women to discover and cultivate, when possible, the true meaning of these words in their lives. By providing a range of well-trained bi-lingual and bi-cultural mentors who can offer them tools for healing, restoration, and freedom, we hope these women will reclaim not only the significance of these words, but also of themselves.

Since its foundation, Latina Link has sought to serve women from all backgrounds and conditions. During 2009, however, we were confronted with the reality of sexual exploitation and the devastating consequences it leaves in its wake—at least in the women who have the “luxury” of surviving and escaping this atrocity.

Many of these victims come from South and Central America and are brought to our city against their will. Thanks to other grassroots organizations that work in conjunction with law-enforcement agencies to fight for their freedom, some women do survive this abusive industry, but they are few.

We have the privilege of knowing that these grassroots agencies also provide rescued women with housing, immigration status, and other types of practical help to ease their way back into society. Still, a big gap remains in the existence of a culturally-appropriate support group who could embrace these survivors during the painful process of recovering their dignity, confidence, and identity while being so far from their home.

These findings, along with what we believe has been a constant calling from God, led us to the decision of narrowing our target audience to women who have suffered the trauma of sexual exploitation of any type. Our recent focus has imbued us with new courage and strength to fulfill our original mission with sincere passion and dedication.

Our dream is to see that each woman who comes through the “doors” of Latina Link allows God to unfold all of the beauty, love, self-worth, and freedom that He created them to have. And this includes not only the mentored women, but, first and foremost, our directors, leaders, volunteers, coaches, and mentors themselves. For this purpose, we are very intentional about creating a series of spaces outside of the mentoring process to ensure peace and growth with God, both individually and as a group.

It is our desire to see the fruits of a strong community united by ties of love, friendship, and a deeper knowledge of God and His plan for us, be present in this city and in this generation. It is time we make Grace and Social Justice a substantial part of our everyday lives. Jesus certainly did.

Our Mission:

To provide our Community with a network of mentors that will guide Latin women as they discover and cultivate their true identity in Christ.


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