Make Way Partners

Make Way Partners

Our co-founders, Milton and Kimberly Smith, were missionaries in the Iberian Peninsula when they first discovered human trafficking in 2002.

The discovery changed their whole lives. They spent the following two years learning everything they could about human trafficking. Their hands-on education came from the streets, sewers, desert and jungle as well as books and governmental reports. Their most transformational education came from spending time with victims of trafficking and those most vulnerable to it.

Having their hearts broken where God's breaks for the oppressed, and never able to view the world in quite the same way, Milton and Kimberly committed themselves and Make Way Partners to finding practical ways to protect those most vulnerable and who had the fewest resources for help.

Two important components to understand about the Make Way Partners Anti-Trafficking Network functions are that we strive to work within an appropriate cultural context, and we support indigenous leadership rather than plant long-term missionaries. In this way, we create a sustainable-life-transformational future for those we serve.

For these reasons, every member of our network is distinctive, answering the unique issues they face among their own tribe, culture or country in an appropriate and effective manner. Just as Christ transcends all time and culture, so should we, His Body.


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