Global Child Rescue

Global Child Rescue

Global Child Rescue is a bridge from burden to knowledge to reasonable action. Inspired by our own experiences and facilitated by other like-minded organizations, our assignment is one of equipping and networking volunteers and ministries to make an impact in the field of human trafficking. We believe that it is our mission to be a conduit between organizations and the families of lost children who need to be rescued. We offer a network of support, first to the families of those who are trafficked then to the organizations combating this atrocity.

By bringing valuable team players and resources together, GCR seeks to do the following:
•Direct resources to needs
•Train people how to respond in a relevant and responsible manner
•Teach communities how to recognize where problems exist
•Humanize the processes that need to be followed when a rescue is in effect
•Educate volunteers in hidden but key factors that keep our children on the street
•Offer a preventative model to at-risk communities
As people come together in their own communities to combat the issue of human trafficking, GCR introduces volunteers to agencies who need their support. We partner with and work in conjunction with faith-based groups, businesses, government agencies, and local law enforcement to help victims return home.
GCR has found its role as the glue that fills in the gaps. Our commitment to empowering and mobilizing volunteers, our determination to building a network of dedicated organizations and ministry partners, and our faith enable us to fight an enemy whose end is certain.


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