Atlanta Hotel Crackdown

Atlanta Hotel Crackdown

Police: Hotel Charges Drug, Prostitution Fee
ATLANTA -- According to Fulton County Police, the Skyway Inn Hotel on Fulton Industrial Boulevard is popular among prostitutes and police officers.

Police reports show officers have arrested more than 100 people there.

"That's an exceptionally large number of arrests for one hotel. Over 109 arrests this year, 2010 alone -- many for drugs, prostitution," said Sgt. Scott McBride.

McBride said what has also caught their attention is the $5 fee the hotel charges visitors.

Its basically a drug or prostitution surcharge. We are aware of it. We are focusing on hotels that do that sort of thing. That is not common among legitimate hotels, said McBride.

A viewer contacted CBS Atlanta and told us about the $5 fee, so we had to see for ourselves.

A photographer wearing a microphone went into the Skyway Inn. A woman approached him and asked him what he wanted.

"You want to come to my room?" the woman asked.

"Yea, I want to come to your room," said Joe.

"Got $5?" asked the woman.

"Does he charge?" Joe asked.

"Yea, you got to pay five to the desk. He takes care of us. It makes sure they look out for us," said the woman.

After Joe paid the $5, a CBS Atlanta news crew walked back inside the hotel to ask the tough questions.

"If someone is coming to see a prostitute or buy drugs, they have to pay you $5?" asked reporter Tony McNary.

"That's what my boss just told them -- sometimes do, sometimes don't," said a man behind the counter.

This man said he's not the owner, but he would not tell McNary where the owner was and he would not call him.

"Does the money normally go into your pocket?" asked McNary.

"No, it goes to the company," said the man.

"Does the company report that to the IRS?" asked McNary.

"Naturally, I'm not allowed to answer you," said the man.

When we asked for our money back, he said he gave it to the woman who approached Joe.

"But why would you take the money and give it back to the lady?" asked McNary.

"I don't know, I just told you that he (Joe) was talking with her," said the man.

"Why would you even take it?" asked McNary.

"We have to take it; that's the way it works here," said the man.

"Are you the pimp for her?" asked McNary.

"I don't know," replied the man.

"You don't know?" asked McNary.

"Nope!" said the man.



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