Marietta Hotel

Marietta Hotel

Police Arrest Suspected Pimp At Marietta Hotel

MARIETTA, Ga. -- A Marietta man was charged with forcing an underage girl into prostitution and police said it was just the latest arrest made by a new FBI task force.
Investigators told Channel 2s Ross Cavitt that prostitution is a growing crime in the suburbs. Multiple police agencies have now formed the Metropolitan Atlanta Child Exploitation Task Force, or MATCH.

An arrest warrant showed police arrived at a hotel on Windy Hill Road prepared for a drug bust, but instead arrested Sly Deon Sampson on four felony charges, including a federal charge for exploitation of children. The federal crime carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison without parole.

Special agent Steve Emmett told Cavitt that websites like Backpage have picked up where Craigslist left off in advertising to all types of woman and girls for all types of services.

It can be a private residence, it can be a hotel. A lot of times it is in a hotel. Its whatever the parties agree to that are chatting online, said Emmett.

Several weeks ago, a sweep in Marietta netted the arrests of six suspected adult prostitutes at local hotel rooms across Cobb County, as well as an underage girl.

Officials said the pimps can face federal had time, but authorities try to keep the underage girls out of jail. We recover them and try to get them off the streets, said Emmett.

Emmett said he wanted to release the name of the websites police are looking at because they want to warn the people who are clicking on those sites, looking for underage girls.



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