Hope Restored Bulgaria

Hope Restored Bulgaria

This letter is to introduce you to HopeRestoredbg which is involved in making a difference in the lives of thousands of children in the country of Bulgaria. This country is deeply embedded in corruption in all walks of life, but we are focusing on the child slavery and child abuse that is rampant.

After having worked in this country for the past 23 years, we know firsthand how these people are suffering. Now more than ever we have an opportunity to expand our borders as never before. We know about the human trafficking, child abuse, modern day slavery, and abandoned children left behind. All of these words just scream inside of me as I know it is happening right there where we are every day. So we are compelled to do something- rescue, restore, recover, and love unconditionally.

One of our focal points right now is to renovate two houses to provide love and support for some of these forgotten children and youth. The orphanages cannot take care of the youth after they reach 18 years old. Then there are abandoned children who have no one to care for them. We have the staff and the houses – now we need the funds to renovate, add rooms, furnish, and provide food, and house parents.

Connected with these projects is our “Child Awareness Program” that is already in progress. We have a retired teacher who is called and committed to teaching a series of lessons about child safety to children and parents. The area is crying out for this kind of help because we know that education will reduce the problem by as much as 50%. So that is a great challenge and motivation for us to go full speed ahead with this program.

Whatever you can do, please help us now while the door is open – we are teaching in the schools, community centers this important message of prevention and safety for children.

If you have an organization and would like for us to speak about this opportunity, please let us know.



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