John TV

John TV

Brian Bates, Oklahoma’s own Video Vigilante® and founder of JohnTV®, first picked up his video camera in 1996 in an effort to discourage acts of prostitution in his community.

Bates firmly believes that prostitution is not “the world’s oldest profession” and is instead the world’s oldest form of abuse.

The goal of Mr. Bates and® is not to put an end to prostitution as that is an unrealistic goal. The purpose of JohnTV® is to put a spotlight on the graphic realities of street prostitution, expose the perpetrators and dispel the myths that further the abuse.

JohnTV® works to achieve that goal by lifting the veil of anonymity that empowers the Johns by exposing them on this site.

The motto of this site is, “You pay to play and you’re here to stay!”

JohnTV focuses our efforts on public, forced and organized prostitution. JohnTV takes no stance against and supports the decriminalization of 100% consensual, private and unorganized prostitution.

Mailing address:
1205 South Air Depot #164
Midwest City, OK 73110


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