Kasey McClure's Success Story

Kasey McClure's Success Story


To the women in the sex industry:

I started dancing at the age of eighteen, I followed my big sister to Atlanta. We both worked at the World Famous Gold Club. I fell right into the fast money. I was able to quit my fulltime job and commute back and forth to Atlanta. I was making thousands of dollars a week. I had a nice car, house, lots of friends and boyfriends. I was on top of the world! Getting anything I wanted or needed, I was Ms. Independent!


I spent several years being in destructive relationships and endless nights of partying. I soon realized I lost sight of what I was suppose to be doing getting out of the sex industry. After convincing myself I was going to use the club as a stepping stone to get where I needed to be in life, the club ended up using me.


You know the routine, not getting home until 5 or 6 am, if you didnít go out after work. Sleeping throughout the day and then getting up to start the party all over again. I lost the meaning of my life. Something was always missing I just didnít know what.


Not only was I lost but it seemed that every man I dated ended up being a dead end. I wanted a way out and was waiting for my knight in shining armor to come and rescue me. I cried out to God late one night when I was on the way home from work. I wanted to change my life but was in bondage with the drugs, alcohol, attention and most of all the money.


I asked God to show me the right way because I didnít know what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted someone who truly loved me and accepted my past. Someone unlike the men I had met in the clubs that only wanted one thing. I was waiting for God to guide me and He did.


God sent a man that later became my husband to help me gain the courage to walk away from that deadly lifestyle. God opened a door and He showed me the way out. Shortly after leaving the industry I became pregnant with my first child (Sarah). During my pregnancy God spoke to my heart and told me to go back and show the women a way out like He showed me. I formed a Nonprofit Organization named 4Sarah, Inc. Itís named after my daughter because having her was a turning point in my life.


God is waiting for you to call on Him. He knows how bad you suffer and want something better for your life. He is just a prayer away! He doesnít want you to just get by in life. God has designed you to be something great!


He loves you with a love that you desire to know and feel. No man will be able to give you the love that He will provide. He is a forgiving God and He will accept you right where you are. For God knows His plans for you, plans that will prosper you and not harm you, plans that will give you hope and a future.


What you have to do is believe in Him, then learn to trust and obey His word. His word is the truth and the only way! He is waiting for you to open your heart and ask for forgiveness.


You have to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that He died for your sins. If you believe in Him, He will continue to believe in you! Ask God to come into your life and fill you with the gift of His Holy Spirit.


I encourage you to seek after God and start building a relationship with Him today. I did this and I have been free from the shame, pain, and bondage that once held me captive in the adult entertainment industry.


God is the light of the World. He does not bring you sorrow but peace, love and a sound mind. Youíve tried the drugs, alcohol, men, and the partying. Now I ask you to try God! He changed my life so I know He will change yours from the inside out.


If you would like to speak to me about any thing that might be going on in your life, please call me today! The women with 4Sarah are waiting for you. All you have to do is make the choice to change your life into the purpose God created for you.


Donít let doubt and fear control you anymore. Reach out to a new beginning and find the true happiness that you deserve. Deep down I know you question things that might go on in your life, but God has all the answers. All you have to do is believe and call on Him!























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