Paul and Lisa

Paul and Lisa

Lisa was just eighteen when she met a man at a party. At first, he seemed like a pleasant young man, but in reality, he was a recruiter for the sex industry. He charmed his way into her life, and by the time she was nineteen, Lisa had fallen victim to drug abuse and recruitment into prostitution. In 1980, the Founder of Paul & Lisa Program, Inc. met Lisa in a diner in New Haven, Connecticut. The Founder tried to help Lisa escape her sexually exploitive situation but unfortunately Lisa died of a questionable drug overdose before she escaped. Motivated by this tragedy, The Paul & Lisa Program was founded to prevent the further exploitation of women and children.

The Paul & Lisa Program began with financial support from St. Paulís Episcopal Church, in Westbrook, Connecticut and a core group of thirteen volunteers. The Paul & Lisa Program developed the Street Outreach program in order to increase public awareness of child sexual exploitation while continuing to aid those who had already fallen victim to exploitation by helping them to leave the streets. In 1982, the Paul & Lisa Program established itself as a non-profit organization.

By 1991, the organization increased its presence by reaching over 67,000 youth through its Prevention Education Program, which warned children about the dangers of the streets and commercial sexual exploitation. The organization was raising awareness through media, attending conferences, writing newsletters, and applying for federal grants, while continuing its Street Outreach and Prevention Education Programs.


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