Tronie Foundation

Tronie Foundation

Trong and Rani Hong, Founders of the Tronie Foundation, combine their professional skills with their desire to improve the lives of exploited women and children. They have encouraged a movement to stop selling people for a profit. Together they have had a global impact over 120 countries and have reached literally billions of people with their message of hope.

Now married and raising their own family in Western Washington, the Hongs founded the Tronie Foundation to provide worldwide restoration of victims of human trafficking and those vulnerable to exploitation. A subsidiary of the Tronie Foundation, “Homes of the Freedom,” is opening the Northwest's first recovery shelter for human trafficking survivors. Ultimately, supporters envision this shelter as becoming the template to expand these shelters across the United States.

The Hongs share their own histories as survivors of childhood atrocities to help bring attention to the plight of those who suffer. Their stories have appeared in local, national, and international media, including on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." The Hongs are recipients of many awards, including the Tom Wales Foundation Passionate Citizenship Award.


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